SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We bring qualified traffic to your website!

We do this by improving your search engine rankings for the most important keywords.


  • We search for the best keywords to use: to be found on the net, be more visible, maximixe rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo!
  • We carefully study your website architecture in order to make it easyer for search engines to analyze and index it in the highest positions.
  • We also take care of the off-page SEO optimization by creating press releases and articles that we spread online to increase the visibility of your website.
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Our SEO service for the optimization of the visibility on search engines

When we talk about SEO, we are talking about organic positioning on search engines, which depends on a technical optimization, content and structure of the site to make the content of the site more relevant, better visible by search engines and easier to find from users. We structure our SEO optimization service in 6 steps:

  1. Collection of information and objectives of the client
  2. SEO Audit & Strategy: preliminary analysis and definition from the strategy to be adopted
  3. On-page SEO intervention: SEO Operations and Technical Optimization
  4. Off-page SEO intervention: alerts to major and minor search engines
  5. Web Monitoring activity: to verify the effectiveness of the stratgies put in place
  6. SEO Maintenance: continuous SEO optimization service


SEO – Positioning on Search engines

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the set of all the activities aimed at improving the visibility of a content on search engines. When these activities concern organic results, we are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when they are about paid ads, we are talking about Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Being well visible on search engines means having a huge competitive advantage and also means bringing more users to the Website or e-commerce. A good visibility on Google and Bing (the main search engines) allows you to develop quality traffic really interested in your business or services offered.

A couple of premises:

  • The results pages (SERP) following a search on Google, are always sorted differently. They depend essentially on the user’s browsing behavior (of which Google keeps track and memory). They are created by crossing the data on all the devices used and by the geographical position. Therefore there are no absolute but variable placements.
  • There are no indices / indicators of value that say if one site (or one page) is better than another. Only the search engines know the value that determines the order in the SERPs.

The market analysis can be done mainly with two different approaches: for competitors (against those who compete in the market) or for keywords (which are the keywords on which to position themselves?)

NOTE: The positioning on Google and Bing is independent of the purchase of paid advertising space and SEM activities (Search Engine Marketing) that can still be integrated in order to further increase the visibility.



We structure our SEO strategy in 6 steps so that you can get the best out of our services.


This preliminary analysis is aimed at identifying the client’s needs, business goals, potential competitors, the strategy to be adopted and the keywords to bet on etc.

Specifically, the analysis consists of:

  • Technical analysis: in this phase we analyze the on and off page factors which the positioning on search engines depends on; the structural analysis of the site in terms of code;  analysis of multilingual site optimizations (markup hreflang, sitmap segmented by type of language); presence of the metatag title, description and keywords within the pages of the site; use of H headings; implementation of robots.txt and sitemap; presence of errors 404; compatibility with mobile devices; loading speed and other ranking parameters.
  • Content Analysis: here the contents of the site are analyzed from the point of view of Optimization and SEO Copywriting.
  • Current Positioning Analysis: the site positioning status is verified for the keywords used up to now and those considered relevant by the customer.
  • Keywords Analysis: Strategic research of the keywords to bet, based on the client’s objectives and competition arena

From the activities of SEO Audit and Strategy, it emerges the interventions to be carried out in terms of technical optimization and content.


  • SEO optimization of the contents
  • Definition of meta information (meta tags, H headings, ALT tags) for each page of the site in different languages.


  • URL optimization, Robot.txt, redirect 301
  • Sitemap generation
  • Technical and content changes


  • Signaling of the website’s URLs to the main and minor search engines and to general and sectorial directories.
  • Creation of press releases / articles / news and dissemination on the main press release sites, article marketing platforms and social news.


Finally, we offer a monitoring activity aimed at verifying the positioning at 1 – 2 – 3 months from the intervention:

  • Verifying the average placement of the set of key words (keyset)
  • Analysis of the set of keywords searched by users (search queries) that allowed a page of the site to appear in the SERP. For each keyword are shown: Impression (number of views), click, CTR (number of clicks / impressions) and average position
  • Increase / decrease in the traffic generated by organic research: observation of traffic arriving at the site from the source defined as “organic traffic”, therefore coming from search engines for searches carried out by users (do not consider visits resulting from paid advertisements)

In addition, to constantly check the effectiveness of the strategies implemented and to better achieve the desired results, we offer a SEO Web Analytics service.


It consists of a continuous SEO optimization service that, alternating analysis, targeted technical interventions and SEO Copywriting, allows to constantly improve the positioning of the site within the search results. The costs associated with this service are evaluated according to specific needs.



More and more users are looking for information about the world around them (region, province, area, street …). We search for products, services, professionals, information, restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, companies, studios, etc.

61% of local searches lead to the purchase of a product / service. The use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is increasing the search for local information.

Get your business found locally is essential!

In order to be effectively visible on local searches, it is essential to optimize the available tools and to carry out a series of targeted web marketing activities (SEO optimization of the site from a local perspective,Geolocated Google Advertising, Social cards optimization, etc.).

For local activities, we suggest you our Web Marketing Local Search service.


Why does our SEO Strategy work?


that could lead to results in the short run but involve heavy penalties for the positioning of your website on search engines.


constantly evolving and guaranteeing to your website an increasing amount of traffic deriving from organic search on search engines.


both in the short and long term and we structure the contents and the architecture of your website in order to make it “easy to read” for search engines.


Captivate and engage the public on the web with Content Strategy and Copywriting!

  • We help you tell your story and communicate your mission.
  • We create original web-oriented content to describe your services or present your products.
  • We take care of the editorial, publication and SEO optimization of sector posts for your blog.


We offer a copywriting service for writing original content oriented to the web. To describe the services and products with interesting articles and posts.

We provide support for the drafting of captivating texts for your website, we take care of the graphic design and implementation.

We take care of the editing and publication of sector posts for your blog and sharing on the activated Social Networks and on the main social news and article marketing sites.

Web Analytics for monitoring the SEO activity results

We believe that the ultimate goal of those who have a business on the web is not (only) to get a good organic positioning on Google or other search engines, but instead is to get more sales and conversions.

To constantly check the effectiveness of the strategies implemented and achieve the desired results in the best possible way, we offer an additional Web Analytics service. The properly set-up of Web Analytics tools allows you to measure not only the number of sales and conversions, but also provide up-to-date information on how visitors have arrived and use / navigate your site and what you can do to encourage them to come back.

The costs for the implementation of Google Analytics and the periodic preparation of detailed reports containing analysis and continuous monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), with suggestions for the implementation of any corrective measures, vary depending on site structure, objectives, integration with Google AdWords etc.

SEO Strategy Costs


Preliminary analysis (SEO Audit & Strategy), on-page SEO and off-page SEO

The costs for implementing the on-page and off-page SEO interventions vary according to the client’s objectives, starting situation, website complexity, languages, etc.

A first quote will initially be provided based on the estimate of a basic SEO intervention. If, as a result of the preliminary analysis, particular needs emerge, the estimated quote will be discussed again.

SEO Maintenance

Methods and related maintenance costs will be determined following the Preliminary Analysis and specified in the SEO Audit & Strategy document.

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