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Being found locally is crucial for local business!

We develop integrated web marketing activities for maximum visibility of your website in localized geographic areas
  • Search Engine Optimization to be clearly visible on search engines at the local level
  • Google My Business and geolocation on Google Maps
  • Geolocated advertising campaigns and retargeting campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook
  • Web Analytics to check the effectiveness of the strategies implemented
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Our service to optimize the visibility of local activities on the web


Our service includes a series of web marketing interventions that are activated progressively over 6/12 months:

  • On-page and off-page SEO optimization: a good visibility on Google, Bing and all the main search engines, allows to develop a quality traffic really interested in your business or services offered. This is why we offer a site SEO optimization service in a Local perspective.
  • Google My Business: over 100 million people a month use Google Maps from Mobile to search for directions and information on local activities, so we offer a service to create and optimize your business profile on Google My Business.
  • Geolocated advertising campaigns: to optimize the visibility of the services and products offered, we suggest the activation of advertising campaigns geolocated with Google Ads.
  • Social Media Marketing: definition and implementation of the Social Media Marketing strategy to establish new relationships, reach potential customers interested in the service / product offered and retain existing ones.
  • Web Analytics: the data analysis and the continuous monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) plays a fundamental role in digital marketing, because it allows to evaluate the strategies undertaken, review any actions, know their users and invest resources and time.


Local Search Marketing to be found locally

The growing use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is exponentially increasing the search for local information.

More and more users are looking for information about the world around them (region, province, area, via …) from their mobile phones. We search for products, services, professionals, information, restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, companies, studios, etc.

More than 100 million people per month use Google Maps from Mobile to find directions and information on local activities (hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.). 61% of local searches lead to the purchase of a product / service.

To get your business found locally is essential!

Google offers the answers to these needs in its search engine, starting from the main page by mixing organic results, Google Maps, local Ads, reviews and comments.

In order to be effectively visible on local research, it is essential to optimize the tools available and to carry out targeted activities.

Local SEO optimization of the website

A good visibility on Google and Bing (the main search engines) allows you to develop quality traffic really interested in your business and in the services offered. This is why we offer a site SEO optimization service in a Local perspective.

When we talk about SEO, we are talking about organic positioning on search engines, which depends on a technical optimization and structure to make the content of the site more relevant, better visible by search engines and easier to find by of users.

The SEO service that we offer is structured in different phases.


In this phase we analyze the On and Off page factors which the positioning on search engines depends on, such as structural analysis of the site in terms of code, analysis of multilingual site optimizations (markup hreflang, etc), presence of title meta tags, description and keywords within the pages of the site, use of H headings, implementation of robots.txt and sitemap, presence of errors 404, compatibility with mobile devices, loading speed and other ranking parameters.



The site positioning status is checked for the keywords used up to now and for those considered relevant by the customer



Strategic research of the keywords to bet on, based on the client’s objectives and competition arena.



SEO content optimization, definition of meta-information (meta tags, H tags, ALT tags) for each page of the site in different languages, URL optimization, Robot.txt, 301 redirect and sitemap generation. Optimization of site rich snippets.

NOTE: the results pages (SERP) following a search on Google are always ordered differently, it essentially depends on the browsing behavior of the user (of which Google keeps track and memory) by crossing the data on all its devices used and its geographical position. Therefore there are no absolute but variable placements.



  • Segnaling to search engines: segnaling of of the website’s URLs to the main and minor search engines
  • Insertion in general and sectorial directories (with particular attention to local directories and portals)
  • Creation of Press Release relating to the launch of the new site and dissemination on the main press release sites, article marketing and social news
  • Search console: creation of the account on Google Search Console and link to Google Analytics + Structured data reporting



Based on what emerged from the initial analysis will prepare a plan for the progressive optimization of the structure, content, pages of the site from an SEO perspective.

  • Creation of a monthly editorial plan
  • Support for creating site content and local search engine optimization
  • Sitemap update and reporting new URLs to search engines
  • Sharing on activated Social Networks
  • Strategic consulting to support and monitor the results obtained

Geolocalized Advertising Campaigns

To better optimize the visibility of the services and products you offer, we suggest the activation of geolocated advertising campaigns based on Google Ads Search network.

Our offer includes:

  • Creation of Google Ads account on behalf of the client, to which the customer can access at any time
  • Configurations for conversions / transactions tracking and linking to Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc.
  • Analysis aimed at identifying the types of campaigns best suited to the needs of the client based on objectives and targets
  • Campaigns set-up (ad groups, ads, keywords, targeting, geolocation, etc …)
  • Continuous campaign management and optimization (Keyword review in various correspondences, ads and ad groups, negative keywords)



Remarketing campaigns can be activated after reaching at least 100 visitors or users in the previous 30 days.

Our offer includes:

  • Creation of illustrated advertisements (1 set of banners in 19 formats) and configuration of campaigns on the Display network based on localization and targeting (interests, demographic data, etc.)
  • Creation of remarketing lists for tracking users who have already visited the site
  • Management and continuous optimization of the activated Display and Remarketing campaigns


Social Media is a great tool to highlight the human face of your business, and make contact with your audience more direct, accessible and less impersonal.

Implementing a well-structured Social Media Marketing strategy allows you to establish new relationships, reach potential customers interested in the service / product offered and retain existing ones.

They are also an excellent tool with which to offer exclusive promotions for their most loyal customers.

Thanks to Social Media, in fact, it is not only possible to address a specific audience for each offer, it is also possible to measure the effectiveness of each individual campaign.

Our offer includes:

  • Preliminary analysis and benchmarking: definition of business objectives, target profiling based on interests, age group, gender, geographical area, etc. Activity of “buzz monitoring” to find out what is the online sentiment related to the customer (we are already talking about the customer and his services / products? How? How much? Where?). Analysis of the performance so far obtained by the client on Social Networks.
  • Creation / set-up company page: creation of cover and profile images, SEO optimization of description texts, categories and sub-categories to which the page belongs. Search and selection of pages of competitor brands to be monitored. Selection of webzine pages, blogs, influencers and magazines from which to gather information.
  • Definition of the Overall strategy and editorial plan creation
  • Periodic publication of contents according to the guidelines agreed in the editorial plan + Monitoring and management of comments to posts
    Monthly report of the results obtained


More than 100 million people per month use Google Maps from Mobile to find directions and information on local activities (hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.), so it is essential to be present on Google My Business.

Our offer includes:

  • Creation / updating of the Google My Business card
  • Local optimization of contents (text and visual) and Keywords;
  • Optimization of the presence on Google Maps and geo-location



Web Analytics plays a fundamental role in digital marketing, because it allows evaluating the strategies undertaken, reviewing any actions, getting to know users’ behaviours and investing resources and time.

Our offer includes:

  • Creation of a Google Analytics account (and activation of the tracking code) + goals configuration for the conversions’ tracking
  • Monthly report on the progress of traffic on the site, to constantly check the effectiveness of the implemented strategies and achieve the best results.

Costs of the Digital Marketing Service for local positioning


The Local Search Web Marketing service consists of a series of Digital Marketing activities that are progressively activated within 6/12 months with the aim of optimizing the local visibility of our customers on the web.

In addition to increasing visibility, we attach great importance to Conversion Rate Optimization, intended as an increase in the number of users who perform a specific action (contact, newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.).

For this reason we suggest to support the Web Marketing services, a continuous Web Analytics activity aimed at constantly verifying the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

Costs vary according to the services activated and the duration of the activity (minimum 6/12 months) agreed in relation to specific needs.

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