Pay per Click Marketing

Creation and Management of Advertising Campaigns on the Google Search Network

Increase qualified traffic and sales on your website through paid search engine advertising!


  • Pay-Per-Click campaigns allow to reach a well-defined target on the basis of geographical area, interests, gender, days of the week or times of the day.
  • You get the top positions on Google for your most important keywords.
  • You only pay when your ad is clicked.
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Our Service


KAUKY.COM is Google Partner and works with Google professionals offering Google Ads service to its customers with transparent costs. The customer can always personally check personally the progress of the campaigns and the related costs.

The advices offered are aimed at identifying the types of campaigns that best suite the customers’ needs, the continuous optimization is aimed at obtaining the maximum return from the budget invested.

Operational approach

  • Preliminary analysis for the definition of the budget and the most suitable campaign types
  • Creation of the Google Ads Accounts and Configuration of the Campaigns
  • Continuous optimization of the campaigns
  • Monthly reports about the return on investment


How does the pay-per-click advertising work on the Google Search Network (Search Advertising)?

Google Ads search advertising is based on targeted, highly relevant keywords that are progressively optimized to make ads appear to users who are really interested in ads (paid ads or sponsored ads are the ones that appear first in the research).

Advanced targeting for Pay per Click advertising

A big advantage of Pay per Click advertising is the great flexibility in deciding who to show ads to. There are a number of techniques that allow you to define your target audience and to target your advertising to potentially more interested users

Keyword targeting

The use of targeted keywords is essential to ensure that the ads are shown to users who are really interested in your products and services. For this reason, it is possible to specify if a keyword should be interpreted at a broader level than generic correspondence (the ad can be published if a search term contains the terms of the keyword in any order and possibly together with other terms) or if the search should be more targeted with the phrase match or exact match options. You can also specify negative keywords for which you do not want your ad to appear (for example, by setting the keyword “job” as a negative word, in an ad group with associated keyword to generic correspondence “catering”, your ad will be displayed for search query “catering company”, but not “catering job offers”). Relevance: It is very important that the selected keywords are relevant to your business. There is nothing more annoying for a user to be referred to a site that has nothing to do with the research he has carried out.

Geographical Targeting

If your business has a local reach and your goal is to attract potential customers in your area, you can specify that advertisements show only in your city, province, region, or state with great opportunity to customize the reach of your countryside.



Temporal Targeting

Pay per Click campaigns allow you to post ads at specific times or days of the week. It is therefore possible to establish in which time bands and days is more probable to intercept potential customers and set the campaign in such a way that the announcements are published only, or with greater intensity, within that determined period of time.

One of the key features of Pay per Click campaigns is the ability to immediately check the results obtained. The use of targeted metrics allows you to quickly test different types of ads, keywords and landing pages, to progressively select the ones that lead to a greater return for you and quickly put an end to campaigns that generate little yield.

Our Strategy for Successful PPC Campaigns

The process we follow to create and manage your promotional campaigns on the web is designed based on your specific marketing objectives


Preliminary analysis

An in-depth initial analysis is essential to better get to know the client, the website, the activities already carried out in terms of online marketing, the competition arena and to draw up a clear analysis to be used in all the subsequent phases of the project.

1. Definition of the customer’s business information and objectives (Web Analytics, Budget, Business and Campaign Goals, Campaign Reference Target, Geographic Position)
2. Definition of the main keywords on which to focus on the client’s objectives and the choices of the competition
3. Analysis of potential competitors based on the identified keywords and definition of potential areas of risk or opportunity


Definition of an overall strategy

It is essential to define a PPC Marketing strategy coordinated with the rest of the promotional activities that are carried out and to identify clear and measurable objectives.

1) Design of a marketing strategy based on PPC Campaigns (Research Network, Display Network, Remarketing) coordinated with all the communication channels activated and taking into account pre-established Landing Page, Targeting and Budget.
2) Definition of measurable objectives in the short and long term that allow to measure the progress of the campaign.


Implementation of the campaign

Implementation of the Pay-per-Click Campaign paying great attention to the text of the ads and the landing page that must be structured in such a way as to facilitate the completion of the conversion.

1. Creation and planning of effective text ads that grasp potential customers
2. Create or modify the Campaign landing pages that should be clear, consistent with the ad text, and contain strong calls to action to maximize the number of conversions.
3. Implementation of the conversion tracking code to always monitor the state of achievement of the objectives and intervene to maximize the results obtained


Optimization of the PPC Campaign

The constant monitoring of the results obtained by the campaign and the progressive optimization of the same based on the performance of keywords, ads and landing pages, is essential to ensure a progressive growth and maximization of results.

Short term optimization for keyword bid management, ad optimization, introduction of negative keywords etc. (daily activity)

Making global changes to the campaign based on trends that have emerged over time, such as creating new ad groups, modifying ad extensions, and general settings (bi-weekly evaluation)


Report and analysis of results

The activity of Web Analytics is essential to verify the effectiveness of the applied strategy and to introduce any corrective measures

1) Definition and constant monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) established with the customer.
2) Periodic drafting of detailed reports with analysis of the campaign’s performance, traffic and interactions generated and the degree of achievement of pre-established objectives.
3) Consulting for performance improvement and maximization of results.

3 key elements for a successful Pay per Click Campaign!

Selection of targeted keywords

The keywords identified must be specific and relevant to what is offered on the website. If it’s a site for online sales, it’s important to make sure that people who type a keyword related to a specific product and click on your ad, are redirected to a landing page from which you can make, in a simple and intuitive way , the purchase of that specific product.


Careful evaluation of the return on investment made (ROI)

It is essential to make sure that the budget set aside for a Pay per Click campaign is generating sufficient revenues to justify both the financial outlay and the costs associated with setting up and managing the campaign.


Analysis of metrics aimed at monitoring the achievement of pre-established objectives

One of the key features of Pay per Click campaigns is the ability to immediately check the results obtained. The use of targeted metrics allows you to quickly test different types of ads, keywords and landing pages, to progressively select the ones that lead to a greater return for you and quickly put an end to campaigns that generate little yield.

Pay per Click marketing costs

A daily or monthly budget will be agreed to be allocated as an investment in advertising. This amount will be paid directly to Google.

In addition to increasing visibility, we attach great importance to the Conversion Rate Optimization, intended as an increase in the number of users who perform a specific action (contact, newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.).

For this reason we suggest to support the Web Marketing services with a continuous Web Analytics activity aimed at constantly verifying the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

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