Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns are ideal for selling online

Use Google Shopping Campaigns to show your online shoppers rich images and details of the items you sell!


  • Thanks to Google Shopping Campaigns your online shoppers find your products quickly and easily.
  • The product catalog is highlighted thanks to the Product Listing Ads
  • You enter in an immediate contact with your shoppers on all devices (computers, mobile and tablets.
  • You enter into immediate contact with those users who make purchases on computers, mobile devices and tablets.
  • With dynamic Remarekting users who have already visited the website will see dynamic ads that include products and services that they viewed
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Google Partner AdWords - KAUKY.COM Web Agency Pavia Google Partner

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Our service

KAUKY.COM is Google Partner and works with Google professionals offering Google Ads service to its customers with transparent costs. The customer can always personally check personally the progress of the campaigns and the related costs.

The advices offered are aimed at identifying the types of campaigns that best suite the customers’ needs, the continuous optimization is aimed at obtaining the maximum return from the budget invested.

Operational approach

  • Preliminary analysis for the definition of the budget and the most suitable campaign types
  • Creation of the Google Ads Accounts and Configuration of the Campaigns
  • Continuous optimization of the campaigns
  • Monthly reports about the return on investment


What is and how does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping Campaigns are ideal for managing retail-oriented campaigns: instead of keywords, this type of campaign uses Product Listing Ads that show detailed information about the individual product (image, price, description, etc.). )

Campaigns on Google Shopping are more closely related to E-commerce activity and allow you to generate Product Listing Ads.

Product Listing Ads let you include an image, a title, a price, a promotional message, and the store name, without having to create specific ads for each individual product sold.

The ads are posted in a dedicated box on Google Search (separate from text ads), on the websites of Google search partners that show the products on sale and the related link and on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Campaigns are ideal for managing retail-oriented campaigns: instead of keywords, Product Listing Ads use attributes for products defined in Merchant Center’s data feeds to show ads after searches relevant.

NOTE: Setting up Google Shopping campaigns requires the creation of an account on Google Merchant and manual or automatic generation of Data Feeds containing specific details about each product


Dynamic Remarketing

It is possible to associate dynamic Remarketing campaigns to Google Shopping Campaigns. Dynamic Remarketing lets you show users who have already visited the website, dynamic ads that include the products and services that have viewed them, browse the websites on the Display Network, and use Display Network apps.

Dynamic remarketing helps you generate leads and increase sales by returning users who have already visited your site to complete the action they started.

Why to invest in a Google Shopping Campaign?

If you have an E-commerce, Google Shopping campaigns are ideal for allowing buyers to find your products quickly and easily. Google shows the customer a photo of your item, its price and the name of the store. Customers who click on the ad are redirected to your website, where they can purchase the product directly

With Product Listing Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and is redirected to your website. In other words, you only pay when Google redirects the customer to your store.

Google Shopping campaigns: where are the ads shown?

Product Listing Ads are published when a user searches for your products on and, from all types of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Your shop on

Product Listing Ads appear in search results on, the business unit, and the right navigation bar along with other ads. Product Listing Ads are marked as “sponsored”.

Your store on

Search results on Google Shopping are based on Product Listing Ads. Customers can compare products and purchase directly from your website or at your local store.

Your store on mobile devices and tablets

Product Listing Ads are available on multiple types of screens and applications, on mobile and tablet devices.

Costs for Google Shopping Campaigns

A daily or monthly budget will be agreed to be allocated as an investment in advertising. This amount will be paid directly to Google.

In addition to increasing visibility, we attach great importance to the Conversion Rate Optimization, intended as an increase in the number of users who perform a specific action (contact, newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.).

For this reason we suggest to support the Web Marketing services with a continuous Web Analytics activity aimed at constantly verifying the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

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