Display Advertising and Remarketing

Advertising on Google Display Network and Remarketing campaigns

Why to waste your advertising budget on traditional display when you can pay less to target really interested users?


  • Choose your target on the basis of age, location, interests, gender, etc…
  • Target users based on what they are searching elsewhere on the web that could be related to your services/products.
  • Only show your ads at the right time and frequency.
  • With the Retargeting campaigns you can reach users who have previously visited your site to show them new products and promotions
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Our service

KAUKY.COM is Google Partner and works with Google professionals offering Google Ads service to its customers with transparent costs. The customer can always personally check personally the progress of the campaigns and the related costs.

The advices offered are aimed at identifying the types of campaigns that best suite the customers’ needs, the continuous optimization is aimed at obtaining the maximum return from the budget invested.

Operational approach

  • Preliminary analysis for the definition of the budget and the most suitable campaign types
  • Creation of the Google Ads Accounts and Configuration of the Campaigns
  • Continuous optimization of the campaigns
  • Monthly reports about the return on investment


How does advertising on the Google Display Network work?

Advertising on the Google Display Network allows you to show ads and banners on a variety of websites, including Google-specific websites such as Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube, which publish Ads ads.

This network also includes applications and mobile sites and allows specific targeting based on the interests of users, age, gender etc, and a targeting even at the level of where to publish the ad (keywords, placements, topics covered …)

Activating campaigns on the Display Network requires the creation of banners. The basic solution we offer is composed of a set of banners declined in the 19 formats required by Google Ads. Banners can be supplied directly by the client or made by KAUKY.COM as an additional service.

The Google Display Network allows you to show your message to potential customers, in the right place at the right time, in various ways, all combinable with specific demographic data (gender, age, etc.) and geographical location.

  • By keyword and topic: using contextual targeting based on keywords, you find the best positions  for your ad across the entire Google Display Network. This allows you to show the ad to an audience that is really interested in your business and is more likely to take action.
  • On specific pages or sites: using placement targeting you will find the most suitable websites to host your ad and you can decide to publish the ad on web pages, online videos, games, RSS feeds, sites and mobile applications specific. It is also possible to prevent ads from appearing on sites that are not considered relevant.
  • Based on user interests: with interest targeting, you place ads on Display Network websites for specific groups of people who have characteristics that are common to your target audience profile. More in detail, you can reach people who have visited your website before by creating a remarketing campaign. To reach broad audiences similar to those of TV and stimulate brand awareness, you can create affinity audiences. To reach specific audiences, ready to make purchases in a specific area of ​​products or services, you can create in-market audiences.

Why to invest in Display Advertising?

Advertising campaigns on the Display network allow you to reach your ideal customers based on what they are looking for, who they are and where they are browsing from. So why to waste your budget on traditional advertising when you can pay less by going “hit” a really interested target?!

  • The Campaign’s target is defined based on the keywords that are searched and the demographic characteristics specified.
  • Banner ads and corresponding landing pages are created with the aim of conversions optimization.
  • Your ads are shown on the web in a targeted way, only to the target audience initially identified.
  • The performance of your campaign is constantly monitored and optimized to improve the performance.

What are Retargeting campaigns and how do they work?


Statistical data show that only a low percentage of users make a conversion the first time they visit a website. Thanks to the remarketing campaigns it is possible to reach the users who have already visited the web site and to encourage them to come back to conclude an action (contact, newsletter subscription, request for a quote, purchase of a product, etc.) .

The effectiveness of remarketing / retargeting derives from the fact that we reach users who already know the brand and the products because they have visited the site previously or specific sections and areas of the site. For this type of users you can create targeted advertising campaigns with specific ads based on the interests shown.

Users will see ads as they browse websites on the Google Display Network or when they search for products and services you offer.

Display Advertising and Remarketing costs

A daily or monthly budget will be agreed to be allocated as an investment in advertising. This amount will be paid directly to Google.

In addition to increasing visibility, we attach great importance to the Conversion Rate Optimization, intended as an increase in the number of users who perform a specific action (contact, newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.).

For this reason we suggest to support the Web Marketing services with a continuous Web Analytics activity aimed at constantly verifying the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

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