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Rely on certified professionals to get the best results from your advertising investment!
  • Google Ads is the right tool to attract new visitors to your website, increase online sales, receive more phone calls, or build customer loyalty
  • Consultancy for the identification of the advertising strategy to be applied according to the target to be achieved
  • Ability to reach specific targets based on geographic area, time of day and days of the week, age, gender, interests
  • Professional management of Pay-per-Click marketing Campaigns, Display and Remarketing advertising campaigns, Video advertising on YouTube and Google Shopping
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Google Partner AdWords - KAUKY.COM Web Agency Pavia Google Partner

The quality of our work is certified by Google


Our service

If you want to attract new visitors to your website, increase your online sales, receive more phone calls or retain your customers, Google Ads is the right tool!

KAUKY.COM is a Google Partner and uses Google certified professionals to offer the Google Ads service to its customers with transparent costs. The customer can always personally check the progress of the campaigns and the related costs.

The consultancy offered is aimed at identifying the types of campaigns that best suit the needs of the customer. The professional work done for the configuration of the campaigns and the continuous optimization is aimed to obtain the maximum return from the budget invested.

The different types of campaigns available are:

Operational approach

  • Preliminary analysis for the definition of the budget and the most suitable campaign types
  • Creation of the Google Ads Accounts and Configuration of the Campaigns
  • Continuous optimization of the campaigns
  • Monthly reports about the return on investment


Our advices fot the management of advertising campaigns on Google Ads

To obtain the best results from the advertising campaigns, it is essential that, after an early stage of implementation, it follows the monitoring and continuous management of the campaign itself: management and progressive optimization of announcements and keywords, introduction of new keywords, keyword matching, negative matching, cost per click optimization, analysis of the results obtained by the campaign (n ad impressions, keywords performance, click reports, etc.)

The temporal continuity of the Campaigns (even with the possible increase of the budget in certain periods and reduction in others) is fundamental to obtain the maximum optimization.

Details on the costs of the advertising campaigns on Google Ads


The initial set-up of the campaigns includes:

  • Analysis aimed at identifying the types of campaigns that best suite the needs of the client based on objectives and targets. Define the daily or monthly budget to be allocated to each campaign and estimate the return in terms of visits to the website.
  • Creation of Google Ads account in the name of the customer, to which the customer can access at any time, and any configurations for tracking conversions / transactions and linking to Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc.
  • Campaigns set-up (ad groups, ads, keywords, targeting, etc …)

The costs for setting up the campaigns vary depending on the type and complexity of the campaign to be implemented.


The costs for the continuous management of the campaigns are calculated on the amount of the budget effectively managed.

Operating costs include:

  • Management and continuous optimization of campaigns
  • Monthly reports (or at the end of the campaign) on the return on investment

The management costs do not include management of the customer account intended as management of invoices issued by Google to the customer etc.

The management costs will be calculated and billed monthly based on the budget actually managed during the month.


To constantly check the effectiveness of the strategies implemented and achieve the desired results in the best possible way, we offer an additional Web Analytics service.

The Web Analytics tools, properly set up and integrated with Google Ads, allow you to measure not only the number of sales and conversions, but also provide updated data on how visitors have arrived and use/navigate your site and what you can do to encourage them to come back.

The costs for the implementation of Google Analytics and the periodic preparation of detailed reports containing analysis and continuous monitoring of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), with suggestions for the implementation of any corrective measures, vary depending on site structure, objectives, integration with Google Ads etc.

Google Advertising costs

A daily or monthly budget will be agreed to be allocated as an investment in advertising. This amount will be paid directly to Google.

In addition to increasing visibility, we attach great importance to the Conversion Rate Optimization, intended as an increase in the number of users who perform a specific action (contact, newsletter subscription, purchase, etc.).

For this reason we suggest to support the Web Marketing services with a continuous Web Analytics activity aimed at constantly verifying the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

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