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Email Marketing and Personalized Newsletter to better communicate your brand, products and services.

Turn occasional contacts into loyal customers through a well structured email marketing strategy!
  • We work closely with you to develop successful newsletters that best communicate your news, products and services!
  • We plan, create and send stunning Newsletters with designs studied to increase the click-through rates.
  • We provide periodic reports on the results obtained in terms of open rate, click through rate, etc.. and hardly work to improve them.
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Our Email Marketing service


Our Email Marketing service is aimed at creating original newsletters that better communicate the services and products you offer. Our Email Marketing offer includes:

  • Creation and periodic sending of emails with personalized and responsive graphic templates, for optimal viewing of the newsletter on all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).
  • Profiling and cleaning of email addresses
  • Detailed statistics and reports for each communication sent (opening and tracking of contacts and links).


  • Configuration and integration with the newsletter subscription form
  • Thank you page at the end of the registration path, to communicate the correct registration of the data to the user
  • Measurement of results


Why to use the email marketing?

Still today, the email is an economic and effective tool within a web marketing strategy and, thanks to its evolution, has become increasingly targeted integrating additional possibilities for segmentation of contact lists, personalization of the message, automation of mailings, etc.

Through the Newsletter tool you can find new customers, push sales, establish direct, personalized and continuous communication to build customer loyalty and keep the focus on your business and services.

All this accompanied by detailed periodic reports that will allow you to see if the email was opened, clicked, rebounded or even if a member has decided to abandon the newsletter. This data will allow us to analyze the results obtained by the single Newsletter and work to improve the performance.

In addition to the Newsletter service, we also offer an automated email creation service (transactional email, automated e-mail for ecommerce, cross-selling and up-selling, abandoned cart mail, and customer feedback, welcome mail, data update, anniversary, reactivation or thanksgiving)



Here are the steps we follow to create, send and track the performance of the newsletters.

  • Collection of information on recipients and creation of mailing lists
  • Graphic design and creation of the template
  • Content processing and newsletter creation
  • Review and submission
  • Analysis and Report of the obtained results


Thinking about email marketing as an engaging dialogue between you and your recipients, you can consider email as an interesting tool to achieve your goals and increase your ROI. Below we report the methodology we apply to ensure that our email marketing campaigns bring concrete results:



It is essential to know the recipients of your newsletter to prepare emails that meet their expectations and interests.
Collecting as much information as possible when completing the newsletter subscription form is a way to track a profile of your recipients. However, it is essential to only ask for the information that will actually be used to segment the Newsletter campaigns. Requesting too much information can lead to a reduction in the enrollment rate.



Most recipients spend no more than a couple of seconds to view an e-mail.
Whether you are providing information or promoting a product, the goal you want to achieve must be clear to capture the attention of the recipients and direct them to the desired action.



We design and structure your emails to satisfy your recipients and achieve your goals. Through careful positioning of strong calls to action and supporting images, we are able to optimize your CTR (Click Through Rate).

The goal of an email is to arouse interest and bring traffic to your website. Once there, it is important to meet users’ expectations with a dedicated landing page that will facilitate conversion completion.



Nobody likes receiving an e-mail that is not relevant to itself. Thanks to the segmentation of contact lists and a careful analysis of users’ past activities, we are able to send your email to recipients who are really interested.

Through the use and measurement of the results obtained with the A / B testing, it is possible to work to optimize the CTR and the opening rate of your Newsletter.



Time and frequency of submissions are key metrics to consider when creating a well-structured email marketing campaign. We work to identify the day of the week, the optimal time and frequency for sending your email campaign. So that the highest possible percentage of your recipients will open and interest your email.

To be sure that email marketing campaigns are achieving the best ROI possible, it is necessary to activate a measurement and constant monitoring of the results. This is why we constantly analyze data relating to: opening rate, click-through-rate, bounce rate, n of sent emails etc.


Email marketing allows you to establish direct, personalized, continuous and targeted communication to retain customer loyalty and keep the attention on your business. To best promote your business we offer you the development of a mail marketing plan based on the creation and periodic sending of personalized newsletters with:

  • Graphic template of the email in line with the corporate image and the graphic of the website
  • Clear and essential contents, with links to in-depth pages
  • Responsive layout for optimal newsletter viewing on all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • Integration, in every email campaign, of the link to the company profiles activated on the Social Networks
  • Configuration and integration with the newsletter subscription form website
  • Thank you page at the end of the registration path, to inform the user about the correct registration of the data
  • Ability to segment contact lists and create profiled newsletters based on your targeting needs


At the service of managing and sending personalized newsletters to mailing lists provided by customers, we support a service for measuring the performance of email marketing activities, which is essential for assessing the effectiveness of email campaigns and introducing any corrective measures. We provide detailed periodic reports with the indication of:

  • Statistics and rates of receipt of the newsletter
  • Recipients who have received and opened the email
  • When the newsletter was opened by each recipient
  • How many times each recipient has read the newsletter and which links he clicked during the reading
  • Which active links in the newsletter have been clicked, how many times and by whom
  • Where users were in the world when they opened the newsletter

Costs for the creation and periodic sending of custom newsletters


The initial set-up involves the creation of a customized graphic template in line with the corporate image and completely responsive, therefore clearly visible on all devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone).


The activity of sending Newsletter includes: collection and processing of the material provided by the client, creation of Newsletter, sending and basic reporting on the results obtained (summary document containing open rates and clicks of the Newsletter, geographical location of users who have opened the newsletter, more clicked links etc.).

Advanced Reporting – Additional Service

The advanced reporting service integrates the basic synthetic document with more specific information: such as the list of recipients who received and opened the email, how many times each recipient read the newsletter and which links he clicked during the reading, which active links in the newsletter have been clicked, how many times and by whom.
Costs vary based on the frequency of submission and specific graphic requirements.
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